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Unlock Apple iPhone 11

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How to unlock the iPhone?

To date, there is only one correct answer to the question "How to unlock iPhone?" - Is the official way to unlock the iPhone (iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus is, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone 2) through the IMEI code.

Each phone has a unique IMEI * code, which in this case is written in Apple's database, as well as in the mobile operator database which is served by the phone sold in the contractual conditions.

* IMEI (English International Mobile Equipment Identity -. International Mobile Equipment Identity) number - number (usually 15-bit decimal representation), unique to each device using it. It is used in cellular phones of GSM, WCDMA and IDEN, as well as some satellite phones.

Official iPhone Unlock

Unlocking the iPhone is called the official, as the phone is brought to the Apple database c mark ?unlock?. Our service delivers a formal request to dig cellular and pay "Penh" - phone removal cost with contractual conditions and entry phone in the "white" list "the unlock" on the database mobile operator and the company Apple. That is why the cost of unblocking for different operators unequal.

Since the phone's status changed from ?locked? (blocked) on ?unlock? (unlocked) your iPhone remain with that status no matter what version of firmware version and modem installed on your phone. All that now you need to do - is to "synchronize" the phone with Apple data base.

Let's look at a live example of the entire iPhone unlocking process using the service Apple iPhone Remote unlock.

iPhone unlocking steps

1. Before ordering unlock iPhone services necessary to check on the availability of its iPhone in the black list of the operator, its activation status in it (the phone at least once to be included in the network where it is blocked), and also the contract. If you are confident in the fact that the iPhone complies with the above listed conditions ordered check iPhone is not necessary.

2. Select your desired mobile phone operator.

3. On the service description page, enter the phone's IMEI number and your email (mailing address). And press the Buy button.

4. After you click Checkout you will be redirected to input validation - check again the data you entered is correct.

Then press the button to order - you will be taken to the service receive payments online ?PayPal? where will be able to pay for services in any way you like.

5. After payment you will receive a message by e-mail about the fact that your order is accepted and processed, an example of posts:

6. After some time - depends on the operator and the service you receive a message that your order is accepted, and further instructions. Be patient and wait for the end of the offer period of the order (take into account the working days from Monday to Friday). If you do not receive timely email notification about readiness to unlock

7. Now you know that your iPhone is unlocked! But this is not the end! Do not fear - there to handle any! Now your IMEI to Apple based data is listed as ?unlock? - ?unlocked?. It remains to "report" this phone - the word "report" is meant to connect the phone to Apple. There is nothing easier, because it makes the phone every time you connect it to Itunes. All you need to do - is to insert your SIM card into the phone, download the new iTunes (optional but desirable) and connect it to your computer. Itunes will tell you that your phone is successfully unlocked!

Congratulations iPhone unlocked

Now you can use any SIM card, and feel free to update your phone with new firmware!

8. A little wait and the phone must find and connect to the new network.

The essential requirements for a successful unlock iPhone:
The phone must be activated SIM card in a cellular network operator under which it is locked.
Telephone earlier did not have to be unlocked by software, such as the SAM, or other means that emit the phone's IMEI number. Since in this case will not match the phone's IMEI number and IMEI number in the Apple data.

How to unlock Apple iPhone 11?

1. Unlock Apple iPhone 11, locked by the operator.

2. Unlock Apple iPhone 11, depending on the manufacturer.

3. Conduct unlock SIM card.

4. Restore the phone capacity, which has been locked memory.

5. Unlock java games

6. Remove a graphic lock from an android-smartphone

How to unlock the phone, locked the operator?
This type of lock used mobile operators with the aim to make it impossible to use the phone (usually branded) in another operator's network. If you insert another SIM card (any other operator), then when you turn the phone will prompt you for your password or unlock code. The question then becomes "how to unlock the phone code?". The best option, of course, if you have enough loyal to the operator, who kindly provide you with the code during a support call. To do this, you will only need to call the IMEI of your phone (a number that is unique for each device, usually you can find it under the phone's battery). But this ideal that is rarely possible. If the operator said you refused, then do not despair, because the full craftsmen that unlock your phone using firmware. Detailed manuals can often be found on the network, so that a sufficient level of knowledge, you can do this procedure yourself. But if you are not confident in their abilities and knowledge, it is better to entrust this work professional. Often used to unlock jailbreak program that is supported by a well-known company like Apple.

Unlock your phone, depending on the manufacturer.
Many modern phones support phone protection function using a special password, which the user sets their own. But there is always the risk of forgetting to set your same code that will make it impossible to continue operation of the mobile device. In this case, you unlock your phone you can use the reset firmware. In other words - this is to reset all phone settings to factory defaults. Of course, you then have to re-produce all the settings previously established, but there is no alternative. This type of phone unlock is different for different manufacturers.

Unlocking phone SIM card
A small plastic card with a chip in the middle - it's indispensable device without which the mobile phone is simply useless as such. It is, of course, on the SIM card. The chip, which it applies, although the small size, but allows you to keep a certain amount of information, which is often confidential. For the safety of the data is also used to protect the technology with the help of the so-called PIN-code that is requested to be turned off. If you unsuccessfully enter the PIN three times, the mobile device will prompt you for a different code, the so-called PUK-code is. It usually consists of eight digits and is provided to you together with the SIM card. If you can not use the phone because of the ignorance of the PIN-code, just use the PUK-code. But if you do not know him, and he was nowhere to be recorded (and documents on the SIM card is lost, for example), then the first thing to do - is to call the customer service number of your mobile operator. There you will learn how to prompt a PUK-code is (perhaps even be able to find him on the phone). If there is no opportunity to call, contact the nearest customer service center, taking the SIM card and phone, in which it was used.

Unlock your phone memory
Some phone models allow separate deny access to various files that are in memory (either phone or often optional memory card). In this case, again, the situation when you do not know (or remember) set the password and device functionality will be partially available for you. It is very frustrating when you need the information seems to be at hand, but at the same time is not available to you. To solve this problem have puzzled unlocking the memory card. There is the option of formatting, which allows you to quickly solve the problem of lack of knowledge of the code. But it does not solve the question of recovery, since all of it will be destroyed as a result of formatting. Therefore, this option is not for everyone. All other ways to unlock your phone, based on the use of additional software. To do this you will need a cable that was supplied with the phone (or you purchased the optional) to connect it to a computer or memory card reader (a small device that allows to read information from the memory card by connecting it to a computer separate from the phone). One of the programs which can be used to produce unlocking - JetFlash Recovery Tool. You can download it from the official site of developers. It can also be used for formatting the memory card.

The main thing that you are aware of all your actions and perfectly understood what you are doing. Otherwise, you can simply break your phone, which is not always possible to recover. So if you do not you know how to unlock the phone, perform any other action with it, it is best to seek professional help. But I still hope that you will not be faced with similar problems and will intelligently handle your telephone.

Unlock java games
For games pre-installed in the device, which are only trial versions, you are usually required to buy a code that will unlock the full features of the game without having to install or re-install anything.
To do that, you simply need an internet connection and a credit card, and for the rest of the process you will find instructions that you can follow by choosing to buy the game when you start the application.

How to remove a graphic lock from an android-smartphone?
If you have blocked an Android smartphone with a pattern and forgot it, then you should not get upset. You have at least a couple of ways to unlock your smartphone.

The first way. Enter the pattern key until the system prompts you to enter the login and password from the Google account with which the smartphone was activated. Enter them, but remember that the user name must be entered only before the "@" character, that is, you do not need to enter @ In case you forgot your login, connect the smartphone to the computer and run the proprietary utility on it. For example, for Samsung this is Kies, for HTC - HTC Sync. By clicking on the "About the device" menu item you will find your login, and you can restore the password using standard password recovery tools from your Google account. Restore your Google Account. ".

The second way. In case you do not know the login and password from the account that was activated by the smartphone, you will have to reset the settings to the factory settings, but note that all your information from the phone will be lost. Turn off the smartphone -> Hold down the buttons: "Enable" + "Volume up". After turning on the smartphone, press the "Enable" button and release the "Volume Up" button. As a result, the smartphone will boot into Recovery mode. To move to the menu, use the volume control buttons, and select the left touch button (sometimes with the Home button). Find and run the "Wipe data / factory reset" and "Wipe cache partition" items, and then click "Reboot system now". The smartphone will reboot and it will be in the form in which you purchased it.

Summary: Smart Phone OS: iOS 13; Chipset: Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+); Type: Liquid Retina IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors; Screen Size: 6.1 inches, 90.3 cm2 (~79.0% screen-to-body ratio); Resolution: 828 x 1792 pixels, 19.5: 9 ratio (~326 ppi density); Protection: Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating; : 625 nitsDolby VisionHDR10Wide color gamutTrue-tone; Card slot: No; Internal: 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM; Loudspeaker: Yes, with stereo speakers; 3.5mm jack: No; : Active noise cancellation with dedicated micDolby AtmosDolby Digital Plus; WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, dual-band, hotspot; Bluetooth: 5.0, A2DP, LE; GPS: Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILE ...

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