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Flash firmware on Lenovo A7000

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How to flash Lenovo A7000?

Why reinstall the firmware?

Errors periodically appear in the Android operating system.

Some applications will not open.

Some applications from the Play Market do not start.

The phone restarts or shuts down randomly.

The phone started to work slowly.

You have decided to try a different version of Android.

Where can I find the firmware?

On the official website of the manufacturer.

On sites where users post custom or official OS.

What should be done before installing the firmware?

Create a backup copy of user data, contacts and photos and transfer it to your computer.

Insert SD card. An SD card is needed to write firmware to it.

Find out the exact model of your smartphone.

Charge your phone fully. If the battery runs out during boot, the device will no longer turn on. It will be difficult to restore it.

Find and download the archive with Firmware. And place it on the SD card.

Installing TWRP Recovery

Download and install the Official TWRP App from the Play Market.

When you start the application for the first time, you must agree to install the firmware, as well as agree to grant the application Superuser rights and click the 'OK' button.

In the next screen, select the item 'TWRP FLASH' and provide the application with root-rights.


On the main screen of the application, click on the 'Select Device' drop-down list, and select your phone model.

After selecting the phone, the program will redirect the user to a web page to download the corresponding image file of the modified recovery environment. Download the proposed *.img file.

After downloading the image file, go to the main screen of the Official TWRP App and press the 'Select a file to flash' button. Then we tell the program the path where the file loaded in the previous step is located.

Press the 'FLASH TO RECOVERY' button and confirm your choice, press 'OK'.

When the message 'Flash Completed Succsessfuly!' appears. Click 'OK'. The TWRP installation procedure is now complete.

Copy the firmware and other necessary files to the SD card.

Insert a memory card into your phone.

To reboot into recovery, you need to use a special item in the Official TWRP App menu, accessible by pressing the button with three stripes in the upper left corner of the main screen of the application. Open the menu and select the 'Reboot' item, and then click on the 'REBOOT RECOVERY' button.

Firmware via TWRP


Before flashing, you need to delete all user data from the phone, this will avoid many problems. press 'WIPE' on the home screen.

Press the 'Install' button to start the flashing.


The file selection screen is displayed. At the very top is the 'Storage' button, which allows you to switch between types of memory.

Select the location where the files were copied.


Find the file we need and click on it. A screen opens with a warning about possible negative consequences, you need to check the item 'Zip signature verification', which will avoid using corrupted files when writing to the phone's memory sections.

The procedure for flashing the phone will begin, accompanied by the appearance of inscriptions in the log field and the movement of the progress bar.

After completing the installation procedure, a 'Successful' message appears on the screen.

Summary: Smart Phone OS: Android; Smart Phone OS ver.: 5.0 Lollipop; Shape: Bar; SIM: Dual SIM (Micro-SIM); Processor Speed: 1.5GHz MediaTek MT6572m Octa-Core; Internal Storage: 8GB; RAM: 2GB; External Storage: micro SD up to 32GB; Battery life: Talk time: up to 39h (2G), 16h (3G) / Standby: up to 11days (2G/3G) , 12days (4G); Screen Size: 5.5 inch; Resolution: 1280x720; Touch Screen: yes; Screen Type: IPS; Pixels: 8mp / 5mp (front); Flash: yes; Image Stabilization: ; Waterproof: ; GPS: yes; Dimensions (WxHxD): 76.2 x 152.6 x 7.99 mm(2.8 x 5.5 x 0.3 inches); Weight: 140g; ...

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