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SYNERTEK S-500Device type: Phone; Design: Flip; SIM cards standard: Mini Sim - Regular; Other: CDMA 2000; Dimensions (H/L/W): 78 x 40 x 20 mm, vol. 62 cm³; Display: LCD; Touch screen: no; Weight: 119 g; Time GSM (talk/stand-by): 1.5 / 80 hrs. (3.3d); Battery: Li-Ion; Built-in memory: no; Operating system: Vendor; GPRS: no; EDGE: no; HSDPA: no; HSCSD: no; USB: no; IrDA: no; WAP: yes; XHTML: no; SyncML: no; ...

Synertek S500e

Synertek S500eType: phone; Band: CDMA 450; Number of processor cores: 1; Dimensions (WxHxT): 80x44x22x78 mm; Enclosure type: clamshell; The number of SIM-cards: 1; SIM: Mini-SIM; Navigation key: yes; Water resistant: no; Color screen: no; Resolution: 128x128 px; Touch screen: no; Number of lines on the screen: 8; Gyroscope: no; Light sensor: no; Proximity sensor: no; Camera: no; Autofocus: no; Macro mode: no; B...
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Synertek S200

Synertek S200Band: GSM 900 AND CDMA 450; Type: telephone; Enclosure type: classic; Type of SIM card: plain; The number of SIM-cards: 1; Weight: 98 g; Dimensions (WxHxT): 44x140x21 mm; Screen type: monochrome; Image size: the number of rows - 6; Ringtones type: ordinary; The number of melodies: 20; Vibrating alert: yes; Recorder: yes; Games: yes; Internet access: no; Modem: yes; Number of cores: 1; Memory card ...
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