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HCL ME B4502 specs.

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HCL ME B4502

Processor HCL ME B4502


Hard Drive HCL ME B4502

Hard Drive Size:

Display HCL ME B4502

Screen Resolution   (dpi)
1366 x 768

Chipset HCL ME B4502

HDMI Port:

Connectivity HCL ME B4502

eSATA Port:
Fire Wire Port:
Bluetooth:?Bluetooth is used to exchange data between nearby mobile devices.
Built-in Camera:
Fingerprint Reader:
Digital Media Reader:

Battery HCL ME B4502

Battery Chemistry:
Li Ion
Battery Life:
2.25 Hrs

Software HCL ME B4502

Operating System:
Free DOS

Dimensions HCL ME B4502



  1. Intel processor: The laptop is equipped with an Intel processor, which ensures smooth and efficient performance.
  2. Hard Drive Size: The laptop has a decent hard drive size of 320GB, providing ample storage space for files and documents.
  3. Screen Resolution: The screen resolution of 1366 x 768 ensures clear and sharp visuals while watching movies or working on graphic-intensive tasks.
  4. eSATA Port: The presence of an eSATA port allows for fast data transfer between the laptop and external devices.
  5. Bluetooth: The laptop comes with Bluetooth technology, enabling easy wireless connectivity with compatible devices such as speakers, headphones, and smartphones.
  6. Built-in Camera and Microphone: The laptop features a built-in camera and microphone, making it convenient for video conferencing, online classes, or capturing photos/videos.
  7. Digital Media Reader: With 5 digital media reader slots, the laptop allows direct access to various memory cards, making data transfer easier.
  8. Battery Chemistry and Life: The Li Ion battery chemistry provides longer battery life compared to other battery types. The 2.25 hours of battery life is suitable for short-term use away from a power source.
  9. Operating System: The laptop comes with Free DOS, allowing users to install their preferred operating system.


  1. No HDMI Port: The absence of an HDMI port means that users cannot connect the laptop directly to an external display or HDTV.
  2. No Fire Wire Port: The laptop lacks a Fire Wire port, which may limit connectivity options with certain devices that require Fire Wire connections.
  3. Fingerprint Reader: The laptop does not have a fingerprint reader, which could be a drawback for users who prioritize security and convenience.
  4. Weight: The laptop weighs 2.7 kilograms, which may be considered heavy for users who prefer lightweight and portable devices.

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HCL ME B4502