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Asus G73JH-TZ128V specs.

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Asus G73JH-TZ128V

Processor ASUS G73JH-TZ128V

Intel Quad Core

Hard Drive ASUS G73JH-TZ128V

Hard Drive Size:

Display ASUS G73JH-TZ128V

Screen Size:

Connectivity ASUS G73JH-TZ128V

Bluetooth:?Bluetooth is used to exchange data between nearby mobile devices.
Built-in Camera:

Battery ASUS G73JH-TZ128V

Battery Chemistry:
Li Ion

Software ASUS G73JH-TZ128V

Operating System:
Windows 7 Home Premium


  1. Powerful Intel Quad Core processor for fast performance.
  2. Large 17.3-inch screen size for immersive viewing experience.
  3. Built-in Bluetooth for easy connectivity with other devices.
  4. Built-in camera and microphone for video calls and conferences.
  5. Large 640GB hard drive for ample storage space.
  6. Li Ion battery for long-lasting power.
  7. Pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium operating system for a familiar user experience.


  1. The large screen size may make the laptop less portable and bulky to carry around.
  2. Windows 7 Home Premium is an older operating system and may not have the latest features or updates.
  3. The powerful processor and large screen size may drain the battery quickly, leading to shorter battery life.
  4. The laptop may be heavy and not ideal for frequent travel or commuting.
  5. The large hard drive may be excessive for users who do not require a lot of storage space.

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tbird2252December 07, 2022
Can i run microsoft flight simulator 2021 on this?

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Asus G73JH-TZ128V