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LG S530-G.AC30A2 specs.

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LG S530-G.AC30A2

Processor LG S530-G.AC30A2

Intel Core i3-2310M

Hard Drive LG S530-G.AC30A2

Hard Drive Size:
Hard Drive RPM:?Revolutions per Minute
Optical Drive:
DVD Writer

Display LG S530-G.AC30A2

Screen Size:
Screen Resolution   (dpi)
1366 x 768

Chipset LG S530-G.AC30A2

GPU Model:
Intel HD Graphics
HDMI Port:

Audio LG S530-G.AC30A2

Audio Solution:

Connectivity LG S530-G.AC30A2

eSATA Port:
Fire Wire Port:
Bluetooth:?Bluetooth is used to exchange data between nearby mobile devices.
Built-in Camera:
Fingerprint Reader:
Digital Media Reader:

Battery LG S530-G.AC30A2

Battery Chemistry:
Battery Life:

Software LG S530-G.AC30A2

Operating System:
Windows 7 Home Basic

Dimensions LG S530-G.AC30A2

Dimensions (W x D x H):
381 x 255 x 36 mm


  1. Intel Core i3-2310M processor provides decent performance for everyday tasks.
  2. 500GB hard drive offers ample storage space for files and media.
  3. DVD writer allows for the playback and burning of DVDs.
  4. 15.6-inch screen size is suitable for comfortable viewing and productivity.
  5. Intel HD Graphics can handle basic multimedia and light gaming.
  6. Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless device pairing.
  7. Built-in camera and microphone facilitate video conferencing and online communication.
  8. Digital media reader supports various memory card formats.
  9. Li-Ion battery chemistry typically offers longer lifespan and better overall performance.


  1. Lack of screen resolution information may indicate a lower-quality display.
  2. No HDMI port limits the laptop's ability to connect to external displays or TVs.
  3. Absence of an audio solution and channels specification suggests potential audio quality issues.
  4. No eSATA or FireWire ports restricts connectivity options for certain devices.
  5. Battery life information is not provided, making it difficult to assess its longevity.
  6. Windows 7 Home Basic may lack some advanced features found in higher editions.
  7. Relatively thick and heavy dimensions make it less portable compared to thinner laptops.
  8. Fingerprint reader is not available, reducing security options for biometric authentication.

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AkramAugust 27, 2022
I need a battery and charger (S530-G.AC30A2)
Plz help me out

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LG S530-G.AC30A2