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Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz) specs.

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Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)

Processor Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)


Hard Drive Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)

Hard Drive Size:

Display Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)

Screen Resolution   (dpi)
1366 x 768

Connectivity Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)

Fire Wire Port:
Bluetooth:?Bluetooth is used to exchange data between nearby mobile devices.
Built-in Camera:
Fingerprint Reader:
Digital Media Reader:

Battery Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)

Battery Chemistry:
Li Ion
Battery Life:

Software Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)

Operating System:
Linux Ubuntu

Dimensions Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)



  1. Affordable price: The Dell Vostro A860 is a budget-friendly laptop, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  2. Compact and lightweight design: With a weight of only 2.4 pounds, this laptop is highly portable and easy to carry around.
  3. High screen resolution: The 1366 x 768 dpi screen resolution ensures sharp and clear visuals, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  4. Built-in camera and microphone: The presence of a built-in camera and microphone allows for video calls and online meetings without the need for external devices.
  5. Bluetooth connectivity: The inclusion of Bluetooth enables seamless wireless connection with compatible devices such as smartphones, speakers, and headphones.
  6. Linux Ubuntu operating system: For users who prefer an open-source operating system, the pre-installed Linux Ubuntu provides a stable and secure environment.
  7. Digital media reader: The laptop features three digital media readers, allowing easy access and transfer of data from various memory cards.


  1. Outdated processor: The Core2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz may struggle with demanding tasks and modern software applications.
  2. Limited storage capacity: The 160 GB hard drive size may not be sufficient for users who require ample storage space for files, programs, and multimedia content.
  3. Lack of Firewire port: The absence of a Firewire port may inconvenience users who need to connect Firewire-enabled devices, such as external hard drives or camcorders.
  4. No fingerprint reader: Unlike some modern laptops, the Dell Vostro A860 does not have a fingerprint reader for enhanced security and convenient login.
  5. Battery life information unavailable: The battery life information is not specified, making it difficult to determine how long the laptop can run on a single charge.
  6. Limited operating system options: The laptop comes with Linux Ubuntu pre-installed, which may not be suitable for users who prefer other operating systems such as Windows or macOS.
  7. Average weight: While the laptop is relatively lightweight compared to some other models, a weight of 2.4 pounds may still be considered slightly heavy by some users seeking ultra-portability.

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Dell Vostro A860 (Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz)