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Asus X58C specs.

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Asus X58C

Basic Specs ASUS X58C

Operating System:

Processor ASUS X58C

Celeron 1200 MHz
Processor Model:
Number of Cores:
L2 cache:
512 KB
The system bus:
533 MHz
Chipset Model:
SIS M672

Memory ASUS X58C

2048 MB DDR2 800 MHz
Maximum Memory:
4096 MB
Number of Total Memory Slots:

Display ASUS X58C

15.4-inch, 1280x800, Widescreen
Graphics Controller:
Graphics Memory:

Storage Devices ASUS X58C

Optical Drive Type:
DVD-RW, internal
Storage Size:
250 GB Serial ATA
Hard Drive Speed:
5400 r/min

Communication ASUS X58C

NIC 1000 Mbit/s, a fax modem
Wireless Communication:
USB 2.0x4, VGA (D-Sub), S/PDIF, LAN (RJ-45) and modem (RJ-11)

Expansion slots ASUS X58C

PC Card slot with:
PC Card Type II
Memory Card Reader:
Memory Card Support:

Battery ASUS X58C

Battery Capacity:
4400 mAh
Battery Chemistry:

Input Devices ASUS X58C

Pointing Device Type:
Number of keyboard keys:

Audio ASUS X58C


Detailed Specs ASUS X58C

Lock slot
Dimensions (HxWxT):
365x264x35 mm
2.8 kg
Additional information:
COM port and web camera (optional), there are 2 conference. screen resolution of 1280 x 800 and 1440 x 900


  1. Affordable price: The Asus X58C laptop is relatively inexpensive, making it a good option for budget-conscious users.
  2. Compact and lightweight: With dimensions of 365x264x35 mm and a weight of 2.8 kg, the laptop is portable and easy to carry around.
  3. Adequate storage capacity: The laptop offers a storage size of 250 GB, which is sufficient for storing files, documents, and multimedia content.
  4. Wide range of interfaces: The laptop comes with USB 2.0x4, VGA (D-Sub), S/PDIF, LAN (RJ-45), modem (RJ-11) interfaces, allowing for connectivity with various devices.
  5. Support for memory cards: The laptop has a built-in memory card reader that supports MS and SD cards, making it convenient for transferring data from external devices.
  6. Built-in Wi-Fi: The laptop supports wireless communication, enabling users to connect to Wi-Fi networks and access the internet without the need for additional hardware.


  1. Outdated processor: The Celeron 1200 MHz processor is quite old and may not provide sufficient processing power for demanding tasks or multitasking.
  2. Limited memory: Although the laptop has a maximum memory capacity of 4096 MB, it comes with only 2048 MB DDR2 RAM, which may limit its performance when running multiple programs simultaneously.
  3. Low graphics capabilities: The laptop has a built-in graphics controller with shared memory, which means it may struggle to handle graphically intensive applications or games.
  4. Lack of pre-installed operating system: The laptop comes with DOS as the operating system, which may require additional effort and technical knowledge to install a preferred operating system.
  5. Low screen resolution: The 15.4-inch display has a resolution of 1280x800, which may not provide the best visual experience, especially for tasks that require more screen real estate.
  6. Limited battery capacity: The 4400 mAh battery capacity may result in shorter battery life, requiring frequent recharging when used away from a power source.

Reviews, Questions about Asus X58C

Asus x58cOctober 16, 2021
Is it good for music purposes

ocor61October 29, 2021
Don't forget: this is an old computer. I have it running with Linux (tahrpup: very fast, Zorin OS and Lubuntu: fast enough).
I guess when you update the moemory and put in an SSD instead of its default HDD, then it could be used for music. However, it depends on what you want to do with music. Just listening: that should be no problem. If you're a musician yourself though, I wouldn't recommend this machine.

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Asus X58C