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Asus K551LB specs.

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Asus K551LB

Basic Specs ASUS K551LB

Operating System:

Processor ASUS K551LB

Core i7 4500U 1800 MHz
Processor Core:
The number of processor cores:
L2 Cache:
512 KB
Cache L3:
4 MB

Memory ASUS K551LB

4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz

Display ASUS K551LB

15.6-inch, 1366x768, widescreen
Display Display Screen Type:
Backlight Technology:
Video processor:
NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M
Graphics Memory:
2048 MB

Storage Devices ASUS K551LB

Optical Drive Type:
DVD-RW, internal
The volume of the drive (HDD):
750 GB
Hard Hard Drive Interface:
Serial ATA
The rotation speed of the hard disk:
5400 rpm

Communication ASUS K551LB

network card 1000 Mbps
Wireless Communication:
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0
USB 2.0, USB 3.0x2, HDMI, entrance a MIC./o. headphone Combo, LAN (RJ-45)

Expansion slots ASUS K551LB

The device for reading flash of cards:
Memory Card Supported:

Battery ASUS K551LB

The operating time from the battery:
3 h
Battery Capacity:
4500 mAh
Battery Chemistry:

Input Devices ASUS K551LB

Positioning device:

Audio ASUS K551LB


Detailed Specs ASUS K551LB

Web camera:
yes, 0.3 million pixels.
lock slot
Dimensions (HxWxT):
380x258x16 mm
2.4 kg


  1. Powerful processor: The Core i7 4500U processor ensures smooth performance and fast processing speed.
  2. Dedicated graphics: The NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card provides better visual experience and supports gaming and graphic-intensive tasks.
  3. Ample storage capacity: The 750 GB HDD offers sufficient space to store a large amount of data, including files, documents, and multimedia.
  4. Wide range of connectivity options: The laptop includes USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, LAN, and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n, enabling easy connection to various devices and networks.
  5. Decent battery life: With a battery capacity of 4500 mAh, the laptop can last up to 3 hours on a single charge, making it suitable for portable use.
  6. Compact and lightweight: The laptop's dimensions of 380x258x16 mm and weight of 2.4 kg make it highly portable and easy to carry around.


  1. Low RAM capacity: With only 4 GB DDR3 RAM, the laptop may struggle with multitasking and running memory-intensive programs.
  2. Limited screen resolution: The 1366x768 resolution on the 15.6-inch display may not provide the best visual clarity and sharpness.
  3. Glossy screen type: The glossy screen may produce reflections and glare, making it difficult to view the screen in bright environments.
  4. Slow hard disk rotation speed: The 5400 rpm rotation speed of the hard disk may result in slower data transfer and longer load times.
  5. Average webcam quality: The 0.3 million pixel web camera may not offer high-quality video calls or recording capabilities.
  6. Lack of pre-installed operating system: As the laptop comes with DOS, users will need to install their preferred operating system separately, which may require additional time and effort.

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AlfredoDecember 10, 2022
Does this laptop have a bluetooth function?

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Asus K551LB