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Oeina XP10 - phone specifications.

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Basic Information Oeina XP10
Bar Phone
RAM:Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage. A random-access memory device allows data items to be accessed (read or written) in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory.
External Memory:
TF card up to 32GB (not included)
Network Oeina XP10
Network type:
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Bluetooth:Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances. The chip can be plugged into computers, digital cameras and mobile phones.
Display Oeina XP10
Screen type:
Screen size:The size of a screen is usually described by the length of its diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, usually in inches. It is also sometimes called the physical image size to distinguish it from the "logical image size," which describes a screens display resolution and is measured in pixels.
1.54 inch
Screen resolution:Image resolution can be measured in various ways. Basically, resolution quantifies how close lines can be to each other and still be visibly resolved. Resolution units can be tied to physical sizes (e.g. lines per mm, lines per inch), to the overall size of a picture (lines per picture height, also known simply as lines, TV lines, or TVL), or to angular subtenant. Line pairs are often used instead of lines; a line pair comprises a dark line and an adjacent light line.
240 x 240
Camera Oeina XP10
Camera type:
Single camera
Video recording:
Connectivity Oeina XP10
SIM Card Slot:
Single SIM
TF card slot:
USB Slot:
Audio out port :
Yes (3.5mm audio out port)
Additional Features Oeina XP10
Additional Features:
Dimensions Oeina XP10
Product size:
11.68 x 4.82 x 0.68 cm / 4.6 x 1.9 x 0.27 inches
Package size:
15.30 x 8.90 x 1.42 cm / 6.02 x 3.5 x 0.56 inches
Product weight:
0.0750 kg
Package weight:
0.1760 kg

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