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How to Root Windows Phone Microsoft Surface Phone.

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How to to Root Windows Phone Microsoft Surface Phone?

Owners of mobile devices running Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Mobile 10 were able to try out all the benefits of full access to the file system. A utility called Windows Phone Internals unlocks bootloader most Microsoft Lumia smartphones and offers unlimited possibilities for editing the Windows Mobile operating system, the contents of the file system.

With the advent of tools such as Windows Phone Internals, we will be able to unlock the bootloader on Microsoft Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Mobile operating systems 10, which gives us the way to other more serious changes.

In particular, the bootloader unlocked smartphone, you can get on it as root, which in turn makes it possible to install the application on the smartphone, which can change or add to the functionality (and appearance) of the operating system.

In addition, with the help of Windows Phone Internals can be sewn smartphones Lumia by custom (alternative) firmware, as well as - to make full backups of the system, applications and data to Windows smartphones, and, of course, to recover with the help of their smartphones in the event of any problems.

Summary: Smart Phone OS: Windows; CPU: Snapdragon 845; Features: WiFi , GPS , Bluetooth; ...

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