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How to root Asus PadFone E.

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How to root Asus PadFone E?

There is a lack of functionality on your Android smartphone Asus PadFone E? You want to get root access on this smartphone?

What is Root Android?
Root, or as it is also called the superuser, is needed to extend the functionality of the Android operating system.

In particular, on Unix and Android OS, users who perform actions (watching video, listening to audio, editing documents), work with the rights of guests, then they cannot edit or change / delete / modify system files, increase functionality. In the system, only the main administrator or as he is called the superuser (root) has this function.

What features does Root have on Android:
- Install third-party firmware, and custom ROMs.
- Remove unwanted advertising from applications.
- Remove apps and ringtones installed from the factory.
- Ability to modify system files: Recovery image, Bootloader.
- Increase the battery life.
- Increase the performance of android applications.
- Use a memory card to install applications.

What are the dangers of getting root access?
- A rooted phone cannot be repaired under the lost warranty.
- You will lose the ability to update the software on your phone.
- Your phone may break during this operation.

There are several universal tools that automate the root process and make them available to even the most novice users. One of the most famous is "Framaroot". This program allows you to root a very large number of different devices. And even if the name of your gadget is not listed in the list of supported ones, it still makes sense to try, because the probability of getting root is quite high.

Please charge and restart your phone before starting the operation.

To get root through the "Framaroot" program, follow these steps.

1. You need to download and install the latest version of the 'Framaroot' app on your phone.
2. Run the program. If your phone can be rooted, you will see a drop-down list of possible actions.
3. Choose one of the two options and wait for the message on the screen about the rooting result. If one method doesn't work, choose another..
framaroot framaroot
4. As soon as you receive a notification on the screen that the phone has been successfully rooted, restart the device.

Summary: OS: Android (4.0); Dimensions: 1024 MB RAM / LPDDR2; Storage expansion: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC up to 64 GB; Talk time: 27.00 hoursthe average is 11 h (675 min); Stand-by time: 11.2 days (270 hours)the average is 20 days (477 h); Talk time (3G): 15.00 hoursthe average is 15 h (902 min); Stand-by time (3G): 13.8 days (330 hours)the average is 23 days (550 h); Capacity: 1820 mAh; Type: Li - Polymer; Music player: ; Filter by: Album, Artist, Playlists; Features: Album art cover, Background playback; Supported formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, 3GP, OGG; Video playback Supported formats: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, 3GP; Speakers: Earpiece, Loudspeaker; YouTube player: Yes; Browser supports: ...

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