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How to hard reset Lava Z40

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1. To start, turn off the phone with the POWER button.

2. Press Volume Up(+) and POWER buttons for a few seconds.

3. Release all keys when boot mode appears.

4. Select from the menu Row Recovery using the Volume Up(+) key to go through the menu items and the Volume Down button to confirm the selection.

5. Press Volume UP and POWER and POWER, for entering Recovery mode.

6. Highlight the option wipe data / factory reset Use the Volume Up(+)/Down(-) buttons and press the POWER button once.

7. You need to confirm the reset operation, select Yes using the Volume Up(+)/Down(-) buttons to go through the menu items and the POWER button to confirm the selection.

8. To complete the operation overload the phone, select reboot system now and press the POWER button once.

Hard Reset - advantages and disadvantages Lava Z40?

In simple words, Hard Reset means hard resetting the phone. As a result, the system automatically returns to the factory settings and the system is completely cleared. Contacts, correspondence, application, files, search queries, passwords - all of this is deleted from the device's memory.

Benefits of Hard Reset:
The ability to reset the phone to factory settings.
Removal of viruses that interfere with the normal operation of applications and the system.
Solving problems that have arisen due to the conflict of some applications and those remaining after they were removed from the phone.

Disadvantages of Hard Reset:
All your contacts, data and media files will be deleted.
The need to back up all data and contacts.
In some cases, it is impossible to remove all viruses from Android, even after a hard reset.

What needs to be done before the Hard Reset operation.
So that after a hard reset you can use your phone, make sure you know the login / password to your google account.
You can sign out of your google account before resetting. Then you do not need to enter the login password to your Google account and you can immediately use your device.
If, after a factory reset, the phone is locked because you cannot log into your Google account, then you need to find instructions for bypassing the FRP lock for your phone model.
Owners of new phone models do not get to bypass the protection of the FRP and will need to contact the official service center.

After performing a hard reset, your device will be completely wiped clean. Everything that was in the memory of your device will be deleted.

What can be done to avoid losing important information?
If personal data (contacts, photos, videos) remains in the memory of your phone, then they can be saved in several ways:

Synchronize your phone with Google contacts, Google drive.
Backup your data, contacts and media.
Transfer important data to your PC using service programs for your smartphone model.

Summary: Colors: Black, Gold; Dimensions: 63.9 x 125.5 x 11.65 mm; Weight: 120 g, 0.26 lbs, 4.23 oz; Body materials: Plastic; Type: TN; Display Colors: 24 bit, 16777216 colors; Size: 4 in, 101.6 mm, 10.16 cm; Screen-to-body ratio: 51.65%; Resolution: 400 x 800 pixels; Pixel Density: 224 ppi, 88 ppcm; Display features: Multi-touch, Capacitive; Primary: 1600 x 1200 pixels, 1.92 MP; Flash: LED; Video Recording: 1280 x 720 pixels, 0.92 MP at 30 fps; Secondary: 1600 x 1200 pixels, 1.92 MP; Camera Features: Continuous shooting, Autofocus, Geotagging, Digital zoom, HDR, Panorama, Face detection, Touch focus, ISO settings, White balance settings, Self-timer, Exposure compensation, Scene mode; ...

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