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How to Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 11

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Entering recovery mode can help if you're having trouble updating or restoring your iPhone over the air.


1. Using the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone 11, connect the device to a computer. You must have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.

2. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.

3. With the iPhone connected, force restart it with the following steps, but don't release the buttons when you see the Apple logo. Instead, wait until the recovery mode screen appears.

4. Press and quickly release the Volume up button, then press and quickly release the Volume down button.

5. Press and hold the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen with the "Connect to iTunes" screen, then release it.

6.Select your device in iTunes.

7. You should see a message in iTunes saying that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode. You'll then be given options to update or restore your iPhone’s software.

Recovery mode is not DFU mode. Recovery mode has a picture that says connect to iTunes. In DFU mode, the iPhone screen backlight is not even on and the display is blank.

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