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Refurbished Galaxy Note7 for $250 less

Like a phoenix, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is soon going to rise from its ashes. And hopefully not explode anymore. After having seen the refurbished Note7 being Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is a type of wireless networking protocol that allows devices to communicate without cords or cables. Wi-Fi is technically an industry term that represents a type of wireless local area network (LAN) protocol based on the 802.11 IEEE network standard. It is the most popular means of communicating data wirelessly, within a fixed location, today. certified yesterday, now we have a release time frame to speak of.

In Samsung's home country of South Korea, the refurbs will become available in June, confirming an earlier report on the matter. To grab a unit you'll need to pay KRW 700,000, which currently means $620. That's around $255 less than what the Note7 was going for when it was released last year, namely KRW 988,900 ($875).

It's hard to speculate what this means for pricing in the other markets where the refurb Note7s will come out, but keep in mind that an almost 30% price cut was applied in Korea. The same percentage may be taken out of the original price in other countries too, or thereabouts.

The refurbished Galaxy Note7 units are expected to come with smaller battery capacity compared to the exploding devices from last year. The best you can hope for is 3,200 mAh, but there's a chance it will be only 3,000 mAh apparently. That's a lot less than the 3,500 mAh cells fitted originally, but we all know how that turned out.

Around 300,000 refurbished Note7 units will be sold in Korea, of the 3-4 million total recalled devices. The most likely product name is said to be Galaxy Note7R.